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I live in San Rafael, California with my wife, Minako and our daughter, Laina. Aside from sharing my writings, I am a Personal Fitness Trainer, and Yoga and Meditation Instructor. I received a B.A. in Philosophy from Pomona College in 1971, attended Harvard Divinity School ('73-'75), and have teaching credentials in Meditation, Yoga and Personal Training.


Books Published:

In Praise of Love and Being Home: A Guide to Living from the Heart of Happiness and Peace . . . by Infinity Publishing in 2016

Todays the Day: Daily Meditations on Love, Happiness, and Peace   . . . by Outskirts Press in 2013

Love Is What Matters Most:   Meditations on the Hearts Truth   . . . by Outskirts Press in 2012

In This Moment: Reflections from the Heart of Happiness   . . . by Infinity Publishing in 2011

Being Home:    Returning to the Place Weve Never Left   . . . by iUniverse, Inc. in 2007

The Miraculous Mystery: Reflections, Devotions, and Awakenings . . . by OneSelf-Publishing through BookMasters, Inc. in 1999